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Ed on his 18th birthday

Please leave your messages of support here in the comments section. We will only publish positive comments – this website is about providing support for Edward Woollard and his family.

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Here are just some of the many letter of support which are helping to keep Ed’s spirits up.



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  1. Evie Hodgson says:

    2012 will be your year and l am sending you and your family love, peace, support and best of wishes.

  2. Katty says:

    Hey Ed,

    We’ve never met, but i was there with you at Milbank. Thank you for having the courage to fight back against what they (the real criminals) are trying to take away from us. I can’t imagine how hard it is inside, and i think your sentence really is obscene, but you are obviously so strong. You have my full respect, thoughts and best wishes.

    “Two men look out the same prison bars; one sees mud and the other… stars.”

    I hope you’re seeing the stars x

  3. Eddie Kaye says:


    I really find this unbelievable. OK, what Edward did was something incredibly stupid, but he has never denied that, nor tried to shirk his responsibilty. Bottom line is NO ONE was hurt, and the sentence can only be construed as an unfair expemplary sentence. It is about time the courts dished out JUSTICE, as opposed the the retaliation we have seen on the past few years against young people who have done something out of character – many of the burglary sentences follow the riots show this as well. This fundamentally makes me ashamed to be British – ironic as the British Legal System influenced the foundations of many others the world over.

    What makes this even worse is seeing reports of people committing far more serious crimes being give sentences that are too lenient – I am sure you know the sorts of examples to which I refer. The courts should be punishing the REAL VILLAINS – again I am sure we have all seen examples.

    To Ed – where there is life there is hope, hopefully time will allow you to live the full life the other 18 years of your life have promised. To Michael, Tania and Hope, stick by Ed as you have, I can only admire the diginity with which you carry this burden. I only pray that one day the courts and government will begin to protect the young, rather than trying to criminalise them at every given turn,

    Good luck
    Eddie Kaye

    • Julie Denyer says:

      Hi there Ed, Will be thinking of you over Christmas and raising a glass or two in your honour ha ha ha. Will miss having you here but sure we can all make up for it at a later date. Lots of love to you, Julie, Pete, Laura and Vikki xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. vanessa says:

    I too have a young son who is serving a disproportinate sentence for violent disorder, he had everything going for him was a semi proffessionl sportsman,model and charity fundraiser for children with terminal cancer he had no previous convictions and got caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time and is truly sorry, when is this countrys criminal justice system going to realise how many peoples lifes they ruin when they try to make an example of good members of society who make one silly mistake, these sentences are far too harsh especially when you see how repeat offenders with more serious offences are getting off so lightly. I know only too well the suffering his family are going through. I feel for ED and wish him a bright and successful future on his release.

  5. Pete Fowler says:

    Hi Ed, I’m Pete Fowler, Tuatapere NZ. I support your stand against education cuts. Best wishes for your 19th. I’m 63. After leaving Brockenhurst College, UK I came to NZ and got my degrees before user pays was introduced, so my sympathies are entirely with you and students of your generation. Good luck my friend.

  6. Dan says:

    Hi Ed. You don’t know me, but we have both been fighting against the education cuts, we were on similar demonstrations, and we share the same birthday. You’re behind bars on your birthday, I went to university. It’s not right. How many people need to go to prison so that anything remaining of value in society can be flogged or burned.

    You’ve got a lot of support outside the walls. Keep strong. They might control your physical movements – for now – but they can’t take your mind, your beliefs or your desires.


  7. Heather White says:

    Dear Ed,
    I hope you will be able to enjoy your 19th Birthday – be allowed to go home for the day, or at least get extended visitor time.

    Keep your chin up! People haven’t forgotten you and I am sure you will do well on your release. Hopefully you will be out soon…

    All the best
    Heather White

  8. Axolotl Man says:

    Best wishes on your birthday Ed. I hope the absurd circumstances have not completely robbed you of the enjoyment which should be yours on this day. May you enjoy many more of them in freedom and in the company of your family and friends.
    Axolotl Man

  9. Rachel says:

    Dear Ed
    I hope you are well, and not having too grim a time in Jail, and have managed to meet some interesting people. I think our prisons are awash with people who really shouldn’t be there, either because they were victims of circumstances, or they got caught up in something regrettable, or for political reasons, like you. Are you writing about your experiences or recording them in some way? I am sure many people would be interested in reading about what your life is like and how you are coping.
    I hope you have a happy birthday this week, if at all possible, and that you can take some comfort from knowing that people are thinking of you, and you will be out and about again soon
    Best wishes

  10. Sarah Luker says:

    Dearest Ed
    Sending you loads of love and hugs on your Birthday. I cant wait to meet you again. I am sure you dont remember the first time as you were running around in your nappy!!! – (sorry I did check with your lovely Mum I was allowed to post this!!) Seriously, I cant wait to meet you as I have heard such amasing stories from your Mum. Be strong and keep your head held high. Lots of love and hugs Auntie Sarah (well, almost – your mums oldest chum!!!) xxxxx

  11. Jed says:

    Happy Birthday Ed. Absolutely best wishes to you today. Solidarity with you and every victim of such ridiculous punitive sentencing. We will not be discouraged. We will continue to fight. You have great support from all kinds of folk. I only hope that knowing this helps keep your spirit up. Under the paving, the beach x

  12. Anna McNally says:

    Happy Birthday Ed, I think your sentence was an outrage as do many of my friends. Hope your time passes quickly. Anna

  13. Izzy Chapman says:

    Heyyaa Ed, Of course i’ve poped a card in the post as well !! either way, missing you loads, your doing so well!! and its not going to be long now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY – will throw you a huge party soon 🙂 .. i wont rush your proper card that ill pop in the post today and everyone sends their love, love you and miss you !!

    Chuffers (Izzy) xxxx

  14. Dear Ed,
    happy birthday. You’ve dealt with your predicament with such dignity. It’s a shame that we as a society couldn’t do this too and be in touch with what it is to be young, creative, stupid, foolhardy, brave, idealistic, and compassionate. How envious we are of your youth and your ideals to the extent that we seem to want to destroy you. Shame on us and my thanks you for showing us how intolerance and injustice can be faced without any overt bitterness.
    Best wishes,
    Charles Sharpe

  15. Paul Mackney says:

    Ed – Happy Birthday from everyone at the Coalition of Resistance. They may have nbanged you up unjustly but they won’t stop us fighting for what is right. We’re looking forward to welcoming you when you get out. Paul mackney (former General Secretary of UCU/NATFHE and Vice-Chair of the Coalition of Resistance

  16. Happy Birthday Edward

    Hope you are out soon.

  17. Nell says:

    What a dreadful way to spend this birthday. I do hope all these messages of support make it more bearable. Like many others here I admire your motivation to challenge the increase in tuition fees and the consequent impacts on access to education, and feel the bitter regret of the ill

    • Nell says:

      Regret of the ill-thought-though action. And also agree that the sentence seems excessive.
      It seems that you have much support and this will help you through the remaining time. You can then draw upon this experience to make a worthwhile life.
      With best wishes

  18. Sue Brock says:

    Happy birthday Ed! Difficult circumstances but even so I hope it is a good one. I hope they let you out soon!

  19. Anne says:

    Happy birthday, Edward. Hope you are free soon. Best wishes

  20. Ian Townson says:

    It is shocking that you were put in prison in the first place. No-one has forgotten or forgiven the political sentence doled out to you to deter students from demonstrating. Needless to say it won’t succeed. Keep your spirits up. We haven’t forgeotten you and you will always be in our thoughts.

  21. I am outraged, though not surprised, that you are still behind bars, Ed. I hope that on your birthday you can take some satisfaction from knowing that many thousands of good people have you in their thoughts. Happy Birthday, Ed

  22. Derek Lee says:

    There are many people throughout Britain who have not forgotten about your situation, and whilst it seems inappropriate to wish you a happy birthday since you are still in prison, we do hope that you may have as happy a time as is possible. More, we hope that the authorities might decide now would be a good time to release you. As others have commented, convicted MPs have been let out after serving only a quarter of their lenient sentence. We think your sentence was disproportionate and extremely severe. If you are not released soon. that is more a judgement on them than you. So, try to keep your spirits up, and, as the old saying goes, don’t let the bastards grind you down. Hopefully, the rest of us will be taking to the streets again on 9 November to continue the fight against the injustice of the Tuition Fee issue and other related issues. Best wishes for your future.

  23. Hi Ed,

    I really can not say much more than all of the wonderful comments above, But remember this, there are thousands and thousands of people that support you, they do so because they realise your intentions on the day of the protest were well meaning, they also realise that you are a young man that was caught up in the moment as we ALL have been in the past.

    What doesn’t kill ya just makes you stronger mate, have a happy birthday, and yes i mean that, have a happy birthday and very soon all of this will be behind you and you will be with your proud family again.

    I had the pleasure of Marching alongside your parents in London on March 26th, they are exstremly proud of you.

    Keep your chin up Ed, the situation you fin yourself in WILL NOT last forever dude 🙂



  24. mbriathra says:

    Dear Ed

    Your incarceration was an outrage. It’s a sign of a weak but brutal government lashing out at vulnerable targets. Any bankers been convicted of a massive fraud against the people? This government and its friends are creating the ‘anarchy’ that Shelley railed against in his great 91 verse masterpiece of political protest ‘The Mask of Anarchy’, an angry response to the massacre at St Peter’s Fields, Manchester on 16 August 1819. He was not referring to anarchy as we know it and might even approve of, but the ruling class who make the laws to pin us down whilst they eg phone hack, introduce student fees then increase them etc. They, meanwhile, will be able to pay for the education of their class.

    Stay strong. Your sentence will be remembered for its brutality. We will remember you also as someone who is prepared to fight back against injustice.

    Take care

    Dave Clinch

  25. Hi Ed,
    Happy Birthday sweetheart, we will be thinking of you as always, we miss you terribly . We are very proud of you, as you are making the most of it in there, and doing so well under the circumstances.. You are a great young man. So proud of you. We cannot wait to see you again soon. Hope you get our cards and parcel ok. All our love now and always. Nanny and Grandad..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  26. twp77 says:

    Happy Birthday Edward from Brooklyn, New York! Keep up the fight, you are never forgotten!

  27. Aspie says:

    HAPPY birthday and keep your spirits up. My son is not much older than you and in a few days I will be meeting young people who are marching from Jarrow to London to protest the million unemployed 18 to 24 year olds. In Chile students are occupying their schools and colleges to demand free education. There is a lot to take heart from.

  28. Lonnie Ditcher says:

    calling on the government to release state hostage Mr Edward Woollard. How convenient robber MP’s only serve a few months, how convenient yobs who injure and maim people are allowed out early on tag and curfew. This has been a politically motivated sentence, it is time people in this country made a stand. Ed you are not alone. Remember one thing mate, what goes around comes around and think one day CaMoron and his cronies will get everything that is coming to them and you will be a free happy man once again. Justice always outs, but not always through the law courts. call it old fashioned but sometimes God or Karma redresses the balance.

  29. lisacx says:

    Happy Birthday Ed, take care and hope that knowing lots of people are bothered that you’ve been treated appallingly by the state helps to keep up your spirits. Best wishes lisacx

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  31. Lin K says:

    We are counting down the months with you.
    Your website is a great idea. Please keep in touch.

  32. Marie Heinst says:

    We are thinking of you Ed. Stay strong, knowing so many people are rooting for you. Take care it is not easy to serve such an inappropriate sentence.

  33. NS says:

    Edward has now been in prison for over six months, his sentence a constant rebuke to the politicised nature of our judicial process, something which has been reinforced in recent days by the similarly extreme sentences passed on Francis Fernie and Charlie Gilmour.

    Yet there has been no update on this site since the end of March. Some of us out here (especially those of us who don’t ‘do’ Facebook) are wondering what’s happening. How is Edward getting on? Did he lodge an appeal, and – if so – is there any indication as to when the hearing is likely to take place?

    I would hate to think that he has been forgotten about by those outside his family and immediate friends, and would equally hate to think that he might think the same.

  34. Lucie says:

    Dear Ed,

    I am outraged by your sentence, which is so obviously, as everyone else has said, politically motivated and intended to ‘make an example’ of you.

    I really hope that you are managing to keep your spirits up and that you are soon free from the grips of this disproportionate sentence.

    All the best,

  35. Dear Ed
    I have never met you, but I was shocked at the unfairness of the sentence you received. You are young and got carried away in the heat of the moment ; but you realised your mistake afterwards, and did the ‘Right Thing’ but received no credit for your courageous action. You are being punished, not for what you actually did, but in order supposedly to set an example to others ; this is an abuse of the legal system, which has no business handing out excessive punishment for political capital. So you are a political prisoner, and should stay proud, if you can, through the boredom and sadness of your situation.
    You are lucky to have supportive family and friends, and to be an intelligent person, so you can use your time, which as I write at the end of may, will probably be just over a year. I hope you have plenty of books and writing materials and are prepared to make the best of your ‘time’. There are many good people who have been jailed and it hasn’t ruined their lives.
    Good luck

    • Mrs Evie Hodgson says:

      Completely agree. Just want to say l am thinking of you and your journey. Look for the positive in everything.. l know it is crazy to be locked up as if you are a danger to the public. But wise people know the truth. Blessings to you and your wonderful supportive family. Ignore all haters. They are lost sad souls. Smile and stay positive. Grab this time to achieve. The time will go in a flash. Write a diary . It could help others and help enlighten the wallys that put you there. Take strength that you are in many peoples thoughts.

  36. Sophie Stephens says:

    Dear Ed,

    As time goes on I want you to know that you are still in the minds of many people who will probably never meet you. I echo waht has been said before about the injustice of your sentence. I hope that these messages of support cheer you up a little and help the time to go faster. As it has been said in many messages here, we can feel sympathy because we all know that everyone does things that they regret afterwards. The only people who don’t make mistakes are people who do nothing.

    Take from this experience whatever lessons you can and use the time to read and learn. It might seem like the end of the world now but you have your whole life ahead of you and one day you will look back and this will just be one episode in a long story. However I hope that you never regret going out on to the street to protest at what you know is wrong. You should be proud that you are part of a movement for change at a time when so many are looking the other way.

    Take care,

  37. James Arbuthnot says:

    Dear Ed,

    Although I have never met you, I feel that you and your family deserve to know that your suffering has alerted many people of the vicious and vindictive nature of this dying regime. The sentence handed down to you was a disgrace and I just hope that it strengthens your resolve to stand up to injustice as you see it.

    I’m not sure what it’s like where you are, I suspect pretty awful. If you have access to books try and read some of the fundamentals, Marx and Polanyi… I’m sure that you will someday find your way to the frontline against the bstrd system that put you where you are.

    Just remember that we all make mistakes and whatever you did wrong, people can see that you’re a decent guy who just got unlucky. The people are on your side and they’ll be with you when you get out.

    Stay Strong.


  38. Axolotl Man says:

    Please allow me to add one more voice to the groundswell of comments here. Edward, you should take pride in the fact that your misfortune has brought together your family, friends and a load of people who don’t even know you, in a growing determination to try and improve the justice system in this country. That was a vindictive bit of sentencing, more worthy of a political show trial from the Stalin era than a considered application of English law.
    I’m not condoning the offence which you committed, but you took responsibility for it and should have been treated appropriately. Instead you got a massively disproportionate punishment. Well done for not letting your predicament destroy your sense of self-worth.
    May I add that I am not some young tearaway, I am a middle-aged bloke in a tie.

  39. Homeoapathy92 says:

    hi ed
    i hope you are holding up and try to stay strong
    everyone knows that you are just being used as an example
    and the legal system has failed on their part because punishing tou has not frightened others or closed our eyes to the fact that they cover up and lie for the real criminals and those who cause real pain and violence legally and on a daily basis.

    People havent forgotten about you and its actually pretty wonderful to see the amount of support that you have
    with each day that goes past you are one day closer to being released and in the meantime we will continue to keep fighting

    try to stay positive! xo

  40. Damo, Worcester says:

    Good luck to Ed and family. This sentence is a scandal, and demonstrates how the law in this country will always come to the aid of the rich and powerful against anyone with the guts to stand up and oppose injustice. Respect to you, Ed.

  41. Geoff SWP says:

    I know it must be hard Ed but try and keep your chin up because you still have a lot of friends supporting you. Don’t let the BAST**DS get you down.

    Geoff Southampton SWP.

  42. John and Mary Kerr says:

    We are totally committed to supporting all efforts for Ed’s early release,
    John and Mary Kerr

  43. Michael says:


    The sentence handed down to you is utterly disgraceful and smacks of double standards. The fake shock and horror of the police should be contrasted to their behaviour when during the G20 protests, they managed to kill Ian Tomlinson. There was no all resource search for a culprit (as in your case) but an all resource coverup!

    Then as you will know the officer, Simon Harwood, who clearly delivered two significant and intentional violent blows has to date not been charged with any criminal offence, yet a man is actually dead.

    In your case, no one was thankfully injured, it was a stupid thing, we’ve all done something rash in our youth. I think the sentencing in your case will ensure all future protests will mean participants go covered up and there’ll be no chance of anyone offering themselves up for arrest.

    We live in a lawless country, a country that has killed hundreds of thousands in a provably illegal war(s). Your misdemeanour pails into insignificance. Keep your head high and focus on the bright future you will most certainly have.



  44. Robin Gitte says:

    Don’t let the elite break you for protesting against social injustice.
    Sh*t happens.

  45. John Barnes says:

    Dear Ed,
    I am an old old aged pensioner. On the basis of the sentence handed out to you for what you did, some of my acquaintances would have been put in for life on the basis of what they did had they been caught. However they enjoyed good jobs and eventually drew a pension up to their death. I am shocked at the way you have been treated. Try not to let theses barmy people get you down, there are lots of us who want to support you and want to help you and your family. I am not much good at computers so I hope I get some advice from your friends. I have been cheered up on finding this website and to learn of the campaign being conducted.
    John Barnes.

  46. Emma Williams says:

    Keep strong, man. Don’t let the prison-time weigh down on you, and trick you into thinking that somehow you deserve it. Hopefully when you get out, a more political, less apathetic society will be waiting for you – and it’ll be a society which you played a huge part in creating. xx

  47. Mick Duncan says:

    They want to break your spirit and that of others who want to protest against what this government is doing. They wont win. Hope to see you back on the march soon mate

  48. Pete Heslop says:


    Just wondering if i can send Eddy a gift?
    Like a magazine, or book or anything of use?

    Let me know,
    Pete Heslop

  49. Phil says:

    Good luck!

  50. melvin says:

    The sentence passed on Edward is too hard and was politically motivated for all to see.
    Did the home sectary have any input?????????????
    People have done worse and got lighter sentences.

    Keep strong Ed we are all thinking of you.

  51. Ian Townson says:


    Chin up mate. You ought to be released immediately. The judge that sentenced you ignored the evidence and character references to pass a sentence that reflected his own prejudices and gave you an ‘exemplary’ punishment to deter students from coming on demonstrations. It was a political judgement. You hadn’t intended to harm anyone. He clearly does not believe in the punishment should fit the crime. There was no crime to punish in the first place. Stay well and I hope you can carry on with your studies. By the way…when you get out we’ll still be demonstrating…or may be we might even have beaten the sods.

    Best wishes,

    Ian Townson

  52. Tara Hayes says:

    Edwarddd 🙂
    Man, I miss you so much!
    You are such an AMAZING person, who certainly doesn’t deserve this horrible harsh sentencing. I only hope that all this will help the courts to see how outrageous their decisions were.
    I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me over the years, and I wish I could repay you in some way, you are an inspiration, and so are your wonderful family.
    Keep strong, I know you’re doing as best as you can!
    Loads of people are thinking of you, and trying to do ‘their bit’, so just keep that chin up 🙂
    Love you soooooooooooooooooo much! Miss you tonnes, see you soon.
    Tara xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  53. Beatrice and Reg Webb says:

    Dear Ed

    I wonder if you have had second thoughts about going to the Police? I hope not as I am sure you wanted to do the right thing and wouldn’t have guessed it would have turned out like this. The judge obviously wanted to make an example of you because we see everyday people who do terrible things and do not receive the harsh penalty meted out to you. I hope you are able to carry on with your studies and that you will be able to put this behind you and go forward. The experience will surely make you wiser and more aware of the unfairness in the world.

  54. Jean Currie says:

    I and my friends are deeply concerned at the implications of your sentence for the future of a justice system of which we have been proud and for which some of us fought for.
    I have been comparing your sentence with others. An MP who knowingly defrauded the public over many years is sentenced to 18 months. A professional burglar with many crimes is finally sent to prison for 12 months. Thankfully your unpremeditated, though dangerous, act hurt noone ; a motorist convicted in Cambridge in February 2011 though killed a father through dangerous driving . He was sentenced to 18 months.

    It was especially easy to convict you as you were very young and because you made a full confession. Normally in a mature system this , and the unpremeditated nature ,counts in your favour. It is inconceivable that you would have been sent to prison if this had not been a high political occasion. True justice is blind to such considerations. It is important for the maintenance of our legal heritage that this sentence be appealed against .

    Jean Currie

  55. Daisy says:

    Hi Ed,

    It’s great to see this website set up, a focus point for all the people out there who support you and disagree with your sentence 🙂 I am still so angry that you have been locked up when you could be out here doing more positive things for others than most of the population put together. Your sentence makes a total sham of our supposed ‘justice’ system. But at least with all this support, you know that we’re all right behind you & your family 🙂

    Take care of yourself xxxxxxxx

  56. Thomas Rainborough says:

    There are many people who feel very angry and frustrated by the pure vindictiveness and absolute injustice of the prison sentence imposed on you, Edward. People have written to complain and have petitioned and despite everything they have tried we see not the slightest indication that anyone in authority has listened, let alone responded to the slightest degree.

    I do not know to what extent you might be interested in history, but perhaps you might find some encouragement from reading about the events of 200 years, or so, ago and perhaps to learn, as we all need to, about the sacrifices people in the past made and about the unjust punishments that were imposed then on them by repressive governments, simply because those people campaigned for economic and political justice. Recent events have certainly caused me to read more about that kind of history — our real history.

    I will simply suggest two books, but undoubtedly there are many others: The Making of the English Working Class by EP Thompson and Richard Carlile — agitator — his life and times by Guy Aldred.

    The UK education system fails to introduce us to those parts of our history which might bring to our consciousness how great a debt we owe to the campaigners of the past, and who they were, as well as might encourage us to understand and question to what extent ordinary people are exploited and deceived today.

    I can only end by expressing the hope that despite this sentence your future will turn out to be a happy and successful one.

  57. Mark Stevens says:

    Firstly let me salute your bravery & that of the other young people who have come out in massive numbers in London & throughout the country. The murderous record of the met’ police is an historical fact & it takes guts to demonstrate in the face of that. Having talked with fe students in the ‘kettle’ outside westminster in december I know how angry they are at the loss of EMA & the betrayal of youth . A sense of justice leads to anger & that to action! You stand in a proud tradition take strength from that & never lose your sense of justice.

  58. lorraine phillips says:

    Dear Ed,
    Just wishing you all the best and hope that your studies will help the time pass quickly. its hard to imagine what you and the rest of the family are going through but we are sure that all the support messages will help in some way.
    From us all in Australia. X

  59. Sue says:

    Dear Edward,This really is a terrible and ridiculous sentence they have given you.You are such a lovely young man and dont deserve this.I hope that you can continue with your education it is so important. I am looking forward to the day when you are set free to go home to your loving family and many friends.I hope this will be very,very soon.Keep strong, thinking of you. Best wishes Sue

  60. Dear Ed. My faith in the legal system was shattered when I heard of the severity of your sentence. It simply doesn’t make sense…… You have been a great friend to my son Nathan and I know from him what a great guy you are. Keep your chin up there are millions of us out here who are praying and thinking positive thoughts for you. David Hartley

  61. Sue Sparks says:

    Dear Ed

    Like many people I was appalled and disgusted at the unjust sentence you got, while the police who actually hit another student so hard on the head that they almost killed him and dragged another from his wheelchair have got off scot-free as usual. The so-called justice system in this country is determined to allow the police to intimidate us from protesting by giving out sentences like yours. It is very hard on you and your family and friends, but I hope it helps a tiny bit to know how much support you have.

  62. Dee says:

    I dont know you but I would just like to say how disgusted I am that you received this totally disproportionate and politically motivated sentence while there is nothing done about the policemen who attacked students with batons and who did actually cause serious injury . I hope the appeal is successful

  63. Tami Peterson says:


    A lot of people think your sentence is absolutely wrong. Many in the student movement see this for exactly what it is, an attempt to intimidate all of us. Keep up the fight, keep up your spirits and let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

    Tami Peterson
    NUS LGBT Committee

  64. Sharon Borthwick says:

    Dear Ed,

    I along with everyone I know finds your sentence an absolute disgraceful outrage. Unjustice rules supreme! Reading through some of the messages here I see you have lots of friends who love you and can’t wait to have you back with them again, looks like there will be one massive party for you on your release which I hope will be sooner rather than later,
    All my very best wishes,

  65. Lindsey German says:

    Lindsey German

    Edward lots of people are thinking of you and feel in solidarity. As we have seen in Egypt and the rest of the Arab world, the powers that be are determined to use force, killing hundreds of people, while you have been criminalised for one act which caused no injury. My best wishes to you, your mum and all your family and anything I can do to help please ask. Lindsey

  66. John Szilady says:

    Thank you for setting up this website. I have been deeply upset and disturbed by this grossly disproportionate, vindictive, and political sentence, and it is good to know that so many people feel the same. I hope Ed and his family are all staying strong and that an appeal is being considered. I also hope that Ed is managing to continue his education and is focussing on the future. NB: History shows us that many in the past have also been unfairly ‘made examples of’ by the courts and it would be wonderful if Ed’s sentence somehow marked the turning point when we say ‘enough is enough’.

  67. Annabel Davies says:

    Ed, I still can’t believe what’s happened to you, it seems like only yesterday we were sat at Tennis Court eating ice-cream not knowing what was to come to you.
    So all i can say is i hope you look after yourself and i hope your family are staying strong. I also think that they’ve put you away for a stupid amount of time and i just pray that you can rebuild your life and still be successfull when you return home. Which i’m sure you will! My heart goes out to you and your family, i know many more of us lot are thinking of you.

    Chin up dude!

  68. loulindy says:

    Hi Ed, you have a brilliant best friend in Lee! I know that your mum Mick and Hope have got so much support from everyone and it will continue. Ivan and I send all our love to you and keep strong. xxx

  69. Claire Katrina says:

    Dear Ed,

    I dont know you personally, but what I do know is that your sincerity and integrity shine through. You have a wonderful supportive family who love you dearly as do your friends, there really are some heartfelt comments being left for you 🙂 You have been given a sentence that is unjust, disproportionate and counterproductive and is so obviously political in its motivation. This is so unfair for such a genuinely decent lad like yourself. Keep strong Ed, there are a lot of people behind you and we will do everything we can to support you.

    Kindest regards, Claire

  70. terry says:

    I don’t know anybody that doesn’t feel you have been made as a weapon to deter others from protesting. Your actions were wrong and you have recognised that. Your sentence does not reflect anything other than the menace this Government has to offer. Our thoughts are with you and will remain so. Best wishes – and hang in there!

  71. Lee Chisman says:

    Hey man,
    You know how i feel about the sentence and how tottally ideologically driven and disgustingly draconian it was. And that due to the current political situation at the moment it wasnt even questioned by the government. Like everyone else i feel you should have gotten something that should of still allowed you to go to college and continue your A levels and get on with your life. Because you are an amazing human being, and honestly the best friend i have ever had and the most wonderful human being i have ever met, and i hope that what has happened doesnt affect your future career because you have so much talent and potential that i feel that one day you really will go on to lead humanity to a better place and that you will touch so many peoples lifes and make them better like you have already. So i hope all this doesnt stop you doing that. But to be honest i know it wont because you are such a strong and laid back character that i know you will be resilient and come out and be the same old Ed we all love and more focused and resolved than ever.

    You are so kind, generous, loyal, selfless, honest, caring, funny, good company, intelligent, and generally probably the greatest person to hang around with on the planet. 🙂 And just one minute with you makes my day seem better man 🙂 keep your chin up man, and stay strong we are all behind you you have enormous support, and i think of you everyday man, to quote Elvis, You were always on my mind 😛
    See you very soon buddy take it easy.
    Love you to bits man

  72. b toms. says:

    Dear Edward,
    I am an old age pensioner who has been totally shocked by your sentence. The so called Judge requires his head to be examined – this sentence was so obviously politically motivated as it does not fit the “crime”. You were made a scapegoat by an increasingly unjust justice system. What on earth is happening to democracy…… it appears to be disappearing in Britain. Keep your pecker up Edward and I hope an appeal is on the horizon when I hope this unjust sentence can be overturned.

  73. miki67 says:

    Here’s hoping you get through all this okay! Are you going to appeal? I find it sinister that you’ve been banged up for so long when Tony Blair gets 20 million a year for instigating an illegal war & that Cameron & his cronies are enacting criminal policies with no mandate…it can all drive you crazy;which is what I guess happened to you,and now you’re paying a terrible price.I wish you luck…because you didn’t have any in court. Stay strong,mate!

  74. keith says:

    I’m a teacher working outside the UK at the moment, and seeing the way students back home responded to the government’s plans for education was inspiring. I was angered, but unfortunately not surprised, at the heavy handed way the police and now the courts have reacted. I hope you can keep your spirits up and the best response to this attempt to intimidate people from protesting is for the students – and everyone else affected by these cuts – to keep on fighting. Best of luck.

  75. Leon says:

    This may be small comfort to Ed, but I hope he knows many of us applaud him as the most recent brave young life to fall victim to biased British Justice. Never forget. The severity of this sentence was not because just any life was endangered. It was because it potentially endangered the life of a Police Officer.

    Ask Derek Bentley about that kind of miscarriage of justice. Sorry you can’t.

    Though still over 50 years later the police and establishment can practice any such violence with seeming impunity. Ask Ian Tomlinson’s family. Unlike ED, the police are supposed to be trained and professional. He was just at Millbank with a burning heart I praise and relate to.

    Yes the fire extinguisher was an unfortunate choice Ed in the heat of the moment. Why not the contents of a dustbin? Probably not to hand I know. I feel for you in maybe regretting that for the rest of your life. Long after those sentencing you are comfortably retired in maybe the Caymen islands, still commiting the same ‘crimes’ you were brave enough to protest against.

    Take care mate. Never let them put out that fire in your heart.


  76. Sue Wareham says:

    Ed, our family has great strength and love, and you are a huge part of it. We think of you everyday you are a very special and loving person, full of strength and uniqueness of character that will help you through this.

    The sentence is unfair and unjust and we will support you always, I am proud to say Ed Woollard yes I know him he’s my nephew! Chin up love and hugs xoxoxo.

  77. Heather says:

    Dear Ed and family,

    I am so angry at how you have been treated by the system. I am a carer who was subject to years of anti social behaviour and it was so bad I felt I could not go on living on many days. The police did little or nothing and my local council and MP’s failed me completely. I was at one point threatened with death by a psychotic neighbour who hurled a lump hammer at me, the police did not come, just put me down as being a fussy woman, so it makes me feel your case is politically motivated as so many have suffered real violence out here and we have not had any justice.
    I wonder when you get out, will you become some kind of speaker or campaigner for human rights. Such has become a calling for me over the last few years and this was how I came in contact with the facebook supporters for you.
    I know many people out here pray for your speedy return to your family and life outside. I am one of them and I will keep on praying.

  78. NS says:


    You don’t need any of us to tell you that what you did was wrong. But the sentence passed upon you was wrong beyond words – it was political in every sense of the term.

    I hope that there’s an appeal forthcoming which might correct this. In the meantime, you’ll have your good days and your bad days, but be patient and be gentle on yourself. This, too, will pass, and better days will come.

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  80. Hi Mate,

    You will of course not know me, i am just an ordinary working bloke that happens to feel that you have been dealt a very harsh sentence. OK you did a stupid thing, but at the end of the day nobody got hurt. This sentence really was just a crude and unjustified way of trying to intimidate others and try to stop them from standing up for what it is that you and I, along with your friends believe in.

    I too did many stupid things when I was younger and understand only too easily how these things can happen. At the end of the day you would never have been put in that position if we were not forced into direct action by a Government acting with no mandate!

    Anyhow mate keep ur chin up and don’t let the swine beat you. I understand there is a campaign to help you carry on with your education, please try to stay strong and ensure where possible that you achieve whatever it is you wanted to before this sentence was passed.

    Rest assured your efforts will not have gone to waste, myself, and others, are trying just as hard as we can to ensure that we put a stop to all that this government are trying to achieve, and that of course includes higher education fees among other things.

    Please be assured there are a great deal of people that are working on your behalf and we will continue to do so me ole mate and we will continue to do all that we can to help.

    In Solidarity

    Peter Millward


  81. Trish Lavelle says:

    Dear Ed and Family

    The sentence handed down to Ed was not only excessively harsh and unfair but I believe politically motivated also. This is a great campaign. Stay strong and know that many people are thinking of you and admire the fact that you are continuing your studies. I do hope that natural justice will prevail and that your sentence will be reconsidered. Stay strong for each other. You are a very courageous family.

    Trish Lavelle

  82. meg hyder says:

    Hi, Ed. Just to let you know you and all the other student protesters gave hope and inspiration to many, many people, in making a stand against this immoral and unprincipled government. OK, you got carried away and went too far and are paying a greivously heavy price for it. But take heart that huge numbers of people not just in the UK, but worldwide are immensely proud of you and all the students for the brave and principled stand you took.

  83. Hampshire LRC would like to send you a message of support, for what is a totally disproportionate and draconian sentence. Every one agrees that what you did was dangerous and stupid – a moments madness, but you hurt no one thankfully.

    I’m sure many adults can remember doing crazy things in their younger years that could have resulted in something more serious, but thankfully didn’t.

    I hope you can continue your studies and that you won’t be in there for long. However bad things seem at the moment they will get better and the fact that you have such wonderful and supportive family and friends will see you through this for sure.

    Take care of yourself, stay strong and keep your spirits up.

  84. G A T FARMER says:

    The sentence handed to ed was not from the judical system but from David Cameron and his clone Nick Cleg, ED was use as a scape goat to help force through the student fee increases ,I hope judge Geoffroy Rivlin the so called judgeQC,( I WONDER WHAT THE QC STANDS FOR) has lots of sleepless night and that his conscious pricks him, that is if he has any feelings which i dout .Keep you head up ED we are all rooting for you, you did a stupid thing but it did not deserve this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Courtney Henderson says:

    You do not deserve this horrible sentence, your such a kind person. I just hope that you are doing well and staying strong.
    You have so many people supporting you, and my thoughts are with you and your family!
    Keeping my fingers crossed that you can get an early release!
    Take care xx

  86. Annon says:

    Hey man, everyone gets caught up in the moment, and realise they’ve done something wrong, if it wasn’t you it woulda been someone else. Lots of love from around Winchester for you mate.

    lots of support dude

  87. Richard Loader says:

    When the sentence was announced I was upset at the unnecessary severity, so long that it could do serious harm to Ed’s future. Thankfully he has the support that will see him through. I am happy to add my name to this list and hope that he remains strong and that something will be done to ensure his early release.

  88. Rose & Roy Garwood says:

    Dear ed , Hope you are keeping strong and well and will soon be free from this harsh sentence. Rose & Roy

  89. Sarah Luker says:

    Dear Tania
    Just wanted to offer you a message of support for all you have done. Looking at the picture of Ed on his 18th Birthday, it only seams like 5 mins ago it was our 18th!!!
    Keep being strong Tania, you are a fab Mum (I always knew you would be!!!!) Sending you, Ed, Hope and Mick all my love xxxx

  90. Neil Kelly says:

    February 14, 2011 at 6:34 pm
    Dear Ed
    You are clearly a young man who is not afraid to get up and have a say about issues of injustice. For all the wrong reasons you find yourself at a central point of focus in a debate that has been raging for a couple of centuries now: the futility of prison and the tendancy for politically and socially vulnerable people to be sent down for the furtherance of the ruling classes and the apeasement of the feebly engaged minds of the chattering lot. You will have more to say about these considerations that many. If you can find the strength now and when you see the light day -say those things, keep saying them and keep standing. Keep the faith, comrade, the world is yours.
    Neil Kelly, a formidable nobody.


  91. peter says:

    just to say keep your chin up mate we all know that it was a mistake mate you dont know me but good luck mate hope you are ok anway mate and you manage to get motavated to your appeal mate take care

  92. Laura Burr says:

    What has been given to you is in no way proportionate and totally politically motivated.
    I know your keeping yourself occupied and doing the best you can, its not easy but you know I will stand by your side 100% of the way as promised. A guy like is you no way deserves this but we will get through this; I mean just look at the sheer amount of support you have got. It’s totally crazy. Keep strong like you always do,

  93. Sarah Evans says:

    Hi Ed,
    Wishing you all the very best and hoping that this helps to keep your spirits up, and makes the time go faster. Your family and friends are so supportive, and they will help you get through this. I hope you get a chance to continue your studies too.

    It is totally wrong that you have been given this draconian sentence. We all know what you did was incredibly dangerous and stupid, but you didn’t hurt anyone – thank goodness.

    All the best and stay strong, and we’ll continue doing what we can to help out.


  94. Diarmuid says:

    I don’t think that what Ed did was wrong but even if it were, the sentence is wildly disproportionate. Clearly the sentence is intended to terrorise those who consider that they might oppose the plans of the state to make students, workers, professionals, small businesses and the unemployed and otherwise vulnerable, bear the cost of restoring the money which the financiers have gambled away and lost, meanwhile ensuring that they themselves and big business generally suffer as little as possible (indeed, in some cases, actually increase their profits and bonuses).
    The students were the first sector in society to seriously confront the state and it decided to teach them a lesson, supported by a compliant media and compliant student leadership too. Here in Dublin the police gave them a real bashing but their lies, supported by compliant Student Union political careerists and compliant media, were exposed by courageous video footage shot (including a female student knocked unconscious and thrown into the street by the police) and placed on Indymedia Ireland.
    May Ed’s sentence be reduced to allow him to walk free. In the event that does not happen, keep busy Ed, and use your time as best as you can. You have the support of many.

  95. Christina says:

    Hi Ed!
    As a uni lecturer and mother of an 18 year old boy I hate the thought of you detained for a moment of madness.
    You hurt no one and regretted what happened, to any sensible person that would have been enough. I really hope that you are treated ok and find some solace in your studies. I am really sorry that the establishment made you a scapegoat and that arbitrary sentences are still possible in our society. My heart also goes out to your mum, she won’t be free until you are.
    Stay strong, Ed, you will get through this!
    Sending you a hug from Newcastle,

  96. Malcolm McKenzie says:

    I am absolutely disgusted by the draconian sentence passed “pour encourager les autres” by the fascist state.

  97. Sue Brock says:

    Hi Ed. Totally disproportionate sentence! Am very angry on your behalf. I have a 14 year old who had wanted to go to uni. I am not sure if he will now be able to so I was hugely supportive of the students demos and still am. I wish you all the best and please do let me know if there is more I can do than write on here. Sue

  98. This is a punitive sentence and quite unjust. Nobody was injured by his youthful foolishness. That he should be serving a 32 month sentence while the policeman who was responsible for the death of Ian Tomlinson still walks the streets says all you need to know about what is wrong with our society.

    • terry pearce says:

      As an older person myself I would like to send best wishes to you and your family. The students and young people that have been out there demonstrating against increased tuition fees, etc, are doing it for the students and youth of the future. Your sentance was in my opinion harsh and vindictive and meant to serve as a warning to other youngsters not to demonstrate.
      Best of luck and try to be strong, my thoughts are with you.

      Terry Pearce

  99. Pingback: Website launched to support Ed Woollard after “disproportionate” 32-month sentence for violent disorder. | Coalition of Resistance Against Cuts & Privatisation

  100. Pam Woods says:

    I know it must be difficult, Ed, but try to keep your spirits up. Glad you’re able to continue with your education.

    Your sentence was outrageous, and politically motivated.

    People who have done much worse things – and actually hurt people – have received lesser sentences than yours.

    I hope your lawyers are planning to appeal against the length of the sentence. If they are, and you’d like support from other students and trade unionists on the day, please circulate the details of the hearing and we’ll organise for people to come along.

    Lots of people are thinking about you and feeling bad that you’re in prison.


  101. John McDonnell says:

    I wish to express my concern at the way Edward has been treated. I appreciate, just as he did in court, that what he did was wrong and misguided but the sentence he received was disproportionate. The sentence was clearly intended as a deterrent to others protesting in the future. I do not believe that Edward should have been made an example of in this way. To treat a young man so harshly is unjust. Let me know how I can help in any way so that the rest of Edward’s life is not damaged.
    Best wishes,
    John McDonnell MP

  102. Julie Denyer says:

    We are thinking of Edward all the time. He is such a lovely young man who has always shown such warmth and support to others. What Edward did was wrong, no one denies that, but the sentence he has been given in completely disproportionate and completely political. If we were all put in prison for one silly mistake in our teens I’m sure that most of us would have served time. This sentence on Edward is totally unjust and unfair. We love you Edward and will always support you.

  103. Steve Catchpole says:

    Hello Ed. What fantastically supportive family and friends you have. I hope this little message of support from me, added to those of others, will help keep up your morale. Like many others I feel your sentence was too severe and I wish you all the best in any appeal you may make for its reduction. Once again, all the best, keep your spirits up in the knowledge that many, many people are there with you in spirit.
    A Luta Continua! Steve.

  104. kimchisman says:

    thinking of ed all the time, and i second everything tania eds mum has said about ed he is a great young man, sadly he has been used to make an example of all we can do is help ed keep his spirits up with lots of support from us all .

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