Message of thanks

In response to the overwhelming number of emails, letters and comments on the website, and on various facebook groups and the i petition, Edward’s family have issued the following message:

We would like to thank everyone on behalf of Edward and ourselves, for taking the time to write with your emails of best wishes, love and support.

It really means so much to know that people do genuinely care, and it restores your faith in human nature somewhat!

The support is absolutely amazing, and our ‘thank you’s’ seem quite inadequate.

But from the bottom of our heart’s THANK YOU x

I’d also like to thank Royal Mail postal workers for making sure that letters, sometimes with little more of an address than the New Forest on the envelope, have got to us.

Thanks to Brockenhurst college for passing on letters to us and for their continued support throughout this time, thank you to all the teachers, at our local school, who taught Edward and still teach Hope. And thank you to all the people who have sent gifts for Edward to help him with his continued education.

And finally a big thank you to our solicitor Matt Foot and our barrister Hossein Zahir who have been both an inspiration and a massive support: there are not enough words to express our thanks to them and to everyone who has been in contact with us.

Edward is doing as well as can be expected, and he like us is “gob-smacked” and over-the-moon about all the support we are receiving from across the country, and from our wonderful friends and family: This support is really helping him to keep his and our spirits up.

Edward has the most amazing friends, who like Edward, I am so proud of and love dearly.

They are quite simply the best x

Please may it continue.

With Love and warmest wishes to everyone,

Tania, Mick, Edward and Hope



1 Response to Message of thanks

  1. Heather White says:

    It is now 6 weeks since the young man Edward Woollard (18) was sentenced to 32 months for his part in the student protest at the Conservative HQ last December, during which a fire extinguisher was thrown from the roof of the building.

    If a custodial sentence was ever justified, it is now time he was released. A disproportionate punishment to discourage others is fair only if the perpetrator fails to come forward or fails to accept his errors. Edward came forward and pleaded guilty. He is of previous good character, from a good and supportive home and community. Their can me no justification for him remaining in a young offenders institution. He is no longer a focus of media attention. He is not a danger to society. It is expensive for tax payers to pay for his incarceration during this time of austerity. A longer stay could damage his ability to put this matter behind him and become a productive member of society.

    The example made of Edward Woollard is hypocritical given that the police officer who killed Ian Tomlinson in 2009 was not made to serve a sentence as an example to dissuade other serving police officers from over stepping their duty. It is also ironic that David Cameron is “bigging up” his support for the young rioters active across the Arab world…

    Given that it was the Conservative Party’s HQ where the event happened, Edward’s sentence looks like a political act of vengeance – a view point that is given support by The President of the Supreme Court, Lord Philips who stated (9th February 2011), that “My conclusion is that our present funding arrangements do not satisfactorily guarantee our institutional independence,” … “We are, in reality, dependent each year upon what we can persuade the Ministry of Justice of England and Wales to give us by way of ‘contribution’.

    Release Edward Woollard NOW!

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