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Edward at the protest with placard: "I don't want to be a slave to the son's of privalege."

Jailed student’s family join march – press association March 25, 2011

Bad boys of art, the Chapman brothers take on the Government – Evening Standard March 17, 2011

Website backs teenage protester – Newmarket Journal Feb 16, 2011

Website support for New Forest Student – Capital FM Feb 15, 2011

Website backs protester – The Galloway Gazette Feb 15, 2011
Website backs teenage protester
– Press Association Feb 14, 2011
Supporters launch website for student protester Edward Woollard – Daily Echo Feb 14, 2011
Website launched to support Ed Woollard after “disproportionate” 32-month sentence for violent disorder – Coalition of Resistance  Feb 14, 2011
Website launched to support Ed Woollard after “disproportionate” 32-month sentence for violent disorder – Counterfire Feb 14, 2011

What a difference a police charge makes: Dave Gilmore’s son scrubs up for court appearance over tuition fees riot – The Daily Mail Feb 11, 2011
Student protests: two bailed after London demonstration – BBC News Feb 10, 2011
Edward Woollard – The Regency on disability and polictics Feb 1, 2011

Edward Woollard and the crimes of the state – Counterfire Jan 31, 2011
An unjust sentence for an idiotic boy – New Statesman Jan 27, 2011
What the state has in store – Morning Star Jan 27, 2011
Against the Draconian Sentencing of Edward Woollard – National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts – Jan 25, 2011
Are deterrent sentences ever justified? – The Guardian Jan 24, 2011
Making an example of Edward Woollard – New Statesman Jan 20, 2011
Edward Woollard doesn’t deserve his sentence – Liberal Conspiracy Jan 14, 2011
Edward Woollard: Examples need to be made – News unspun Jan 14, 2011
Fire extinguisher student is paying too high a price for his idiocy – Evening Standard Jan 13, 2011
The students’ protest prosecution judgement – a threat to protesting? My Person Jan 13, 2011
Is the Woollard sentence excessive? Garrulous Law Jan 13, 2011
Too hard on Woollard – Rhodders rants Jan 13, 2011
The judge was wrong in his sentencing of Edward Woollard – Guardian Jan 13, 2011
Edward Woollard, political prisoner? Random Blowe Jan 12, 2011
Miscellany of news – Law and Lawyers Jan 12, 2011
Ridiculous sentence for Edward Woollard – Kester Brewin Jan 12, 2011
Student protester who threw fire extinguisher from roof jailed – Guardian Jan 11, 2011
Is the Edward Woollard sentence fair – Through Coward’s Flinch – Jan 11, 2011
Fire extinguisher throwing student locked up – Independent Jan 11, 2011

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With thanks to The New Milton Advertiser and Lymington Times, January 2011

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