Ed’s continued education

We hope this page will be an extension to the hugely popular facebook page: Edward Woollard’s continued education, for all those people not on facebook.

We’ll update here about Edwards education.


1 Response to Ed’s continued education

  1. Neil Kelly says:

    Dear Ed
    You are clearly a young man who is not afraid to get up and have a say about issues of injustice. For all the wrong reasons you find yourself at a central point of focus in a debate that has been raging for a couple of centuries now: the futility of prison and the tendancy for politically and socially vulnerable people to be sent down for the furtherance of the ruling classes and the apeasement of the feebly engaged minds of the chattering lot. You will have more to say about these considerations that many. If you can find the strength now and when you see the light day -say those things, keep saying them and keep standing. Keep the faith, comrade, the world is yours.
    Neil Kelly, a formidable nobody.

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