By setting up this website we hope to provide information about how Ed is doing, a place for people to leave messages of support and a place to remember the other protesters who have also been given unduly harsh sentencing following a protest.

Following Edward’s sentencing it became very clear that people wanted to send their messages of support.

This was born out by the hundreds of signatories to the Facebook event page: Against the Draconian Sentencing of Edward Woollard, and the Facebook group: Edward Woollard’s continued education, which you can find out more about on the page: Ed’s continued education. And of course the many letters which have made their way to Edward’s family.

Edward has always said that what he did was a dangerous and awful thing, and he massively regrets what was a split-second moment of madness: we are all thankful that no one was hurt.

What is clear is that Edward has never done anything like this before and he has always been regarded as a hard-working and kind lad, and someone who looks out for other people.

The messages of support are a massive boost for Edward and his family, who would all like to thank everyone who has written. Every message gets sent on to Edward and has helped to keep his spirits up.

If you would like to leave a comment on the website please visit the messages of support page, alternatively you can email the campaign or write. For further details please visit the contact Ed page.


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