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Following Support4EdWoollard’s last post Ed’s family have received an overwhelming number of messages of support and would like to say thank you and send a message of solidarity to everyone who is serving an unduly long sentence following their part in a protest.

Tania Garwood said: “It has been 9 extremely long months…

“What can i say to you all? You are all truly amazing people. You have supported us right from the very beginning, and I really do not have the words to express what it means to all of us.

“We receive your messages, emails, and many letters and we forward copies of all of them to Edward. Like us, he continues to be amazed that he has so much support, and it really does help to keep his spirits up – it is the letters of support and warm words that have kept us going through our low points.

“To know how much people genuinely care, really does help to give us strength. Long may it continue, and solidarity to all who are in this unfortunate situation.

“We would also like to thank the support that The String of Pearls project has provided us.

“With love and all our thanks,  Tania, Mick, Edward & Hope xxxx”

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1 Response to Support thanks

  1. Bobby Noyes says:

    I am happy to support Ed and all those imprisoned for protesting against our obscene system. I and his other friends here wish him all the best possible in his current situation and look forward to seeing him again on his release.

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