Family & friends of Ed Woollard urge supporters to wish him happy birthday

Happy 19th Birthday Ed

It’s Edward’s 19thbirthday this week and the start of his tenth month in prison, and to help keep his spirits up Ed’s family and friends are calling on his supporters to send him a birthday message.

The messages of support are still being sent to Ed, and both Ed and his family are incredibly grateful for everyone’s continued support.

To send Ed your birthday message, you can either leave a comment on the messages of support page or under this post, you can email him or send him a birthday card. Find out how to contact him by visiting the contact page.

Edward is doing as well as can be expected and we will be updating the website soon.

Many thanks again for everyone’s warm words of support and solidarity.

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31 Responses to Family & friends of Ed Woollard urge supporters to wish him happy birthday

  1. Dawn says:

    Happy Birthday Ed
    Love Dawn, Andrew, Rebekah & Luke xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Lee says:

    Hey mate,
    Happy birthday, take it easy, I hope you enjoy your present, I thought it was a fantastic read if you like it you can borrow the others I’ve got them all haha. Your doing great mate, you have done so well, stay strong, and when you get out we need to watch Game of Thrones, all of them in one day! Missing you mate, boring sitting on teletubby hill by yourself, haha, See you soon, take care, and take it easy, and good luck with everything.
    See you soon,

  3. Christopher Wareham says:

    Merry christ… “ahem” happy birthday mate, enjoy it best you can, wont be long and you’ll be out to enjoy it propperly 🙂

  4. R Garwood says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ED, hope you are well and will have a good day. Love and best wishes for the future. Rose & Roy xxxxxx

  5. Laura Burr says:

    Happy Birthday you! Will be thinking of you and stay strong. Not long now Mr =) Lots of love, Laura xxxxxxxxx

  6. MH says:

    Happy Birthday to a very brave young man – we could all learn a great deal from you. This will be a different birthday with some many people thinking about you – hope this gives you strength and a bit of comfort
    Best wishes…

  7. Happy Birthday, Ed. There’s many, many of us out here hiding under the duvet when the real heroes take to the streets. The draconian punishment you are suffering stops us spineless people from speaking out against the corruption and greed destroying decent society and democracy. Hope you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and when the time comes be proud. You are an inspiration. Best wishes.

  8. vikki x says:

    Happy birthday, this year is gunna be a bit different but we’ll all be thinking of you. i hope youre doing okay, I’m sure you are tbh. Well anyways, HAPPY BIRYHDAY. I hope you have a good day xx

  9. lyn says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ED! Hopefully, it wont belong before you are home. Lots of love from Lyn, Ivan, Ant, Si, David & Becky and Jonathan and Jayde. XXX

  10. cocoapony says:

    Mate, Happy Birthday! ☆´¯`•.¸¸.☆•.¸¸¸.☆
    We have never met, and most likely never will, but there is a bond of solidarity that was forged when you took a stand against what you know to be entirely wrong.
    The appallingly disproportionate, political nature of your sentencing has insensed and galvanised even more people, and what you and your fellow students have begun so bravely for us all, has now been taken up by more and more of us, outraged at your treatment, and now all the more determined to fight the attacks of this egregious coalition government.
    You can rest assured that you are, today as always, in a LOT of people’s thoughts!
    Stay strong!!!

    (Lecturer, Tower Hamlets College)

  11. Ed,
    As a graduate of Brockenhurst College, I was so proud to learn of how you made the bold decision to stand up for education. Whilst I was at Brock, our union didn’t care about student welfare, it had no presence beyond the Hard Brock Cafe; and very few students took an interest in the world around them.

    It is vital that FE students at Brock, and across the UK, follow your lead and get involved in the fight for education, for jobs, for our society. (Granted, maybe without the whole getting arrested and thrown in prison for a disproportionate amount of time thing)

    Have a happy birthday
    Andrew Tindall
    Brock Graduate
    Aberystwyth Students Against Cuts

  12. John Barnes says:

    Lots of us Ed who never met you are wishing you all the best for your 19th birthday. There are always people outside who are thinking of you Ed, and we are looking forward to the day when we can all be re-united.
    John Barnes.

  13. Petey Heslop says:

    Happy Birthday Buddy! Loveee Peteyy 🙂 xx

  14. Happy birthday friend good luck and stay strong.

  15. Lucie says:

    Happy birthday Ed! You are not forgotten. Keep your spirits up, Lucie

  16. Bobby Noyes says:

    Happy Birthday Ed, hope to see you before too long. I hope you like the postcards.

  17. Pete Loader says:

    Happy birthday buddy, be seeing you soon =] x

  18. Pam Woods says:

    Happy birthday, Ed. We haven’t forgotten about you. Keep your spirits up. xx

  19. Happy birthday, Ed. Hope to see you soon 🙂 xx

  20. Gina NicGabhann says:

    Dear Ed, I hope that, despite the circumstances, you have a happy birthday. It is disgraceful that you were made a scapegoat by the Tories.

    Gina, Australia

  21. Nina Power says:

    Happy Birthday Ed – know that many, many people are supportive of you, and extremely angry at what this government are doing to you and other protesters. Stay strong and solidarity from me and everyone at the Defend the Right to Protest campaign.

  22. Happy Birthday Ed. I know it’s not the best place to be in the world but it will soon be behind you and you’ll have the world in front of you. Keep looking forward, there are plenty of people who love you deeply, like your family on friends, and even more (like me) who just want to wish you well and hope you’re holding out ok. All the best mate. Think happy thoughts

  23. Hi Ed, we’re all thinking of you this week and hoping that you’re managing to keep your spirits up, and that you won’t be in there for too much longer. We all wish you a happy birthday. You have so much to offer the world outside of prison, you are talented and caring and you have a wonderful family who are so supportive. Looking forward to sharing a pint with you mate 🙂 Lots of love and hugs from Sarah, Del and the boys xx

  24. Paul C-B says:

    I was in prison for my 17th, 18th and 19th birthdays. It’s not an ideal place to be, and it’s a time when it’s worth knowing that you have friends and family who care for, and think about you. The easiest way of making prison a less awful place on such occasions is to realise than when you are one day on your deathbed you would give anything to be once again turning 19 and in prison.
    Happy Birthday.

  25. Sue Wareham says:

    Happy birthday Ed, keep strong we are all very proud of how you’re coping love you lots xoxoxo

  26. NS says:


    You’re far from being forgotten out here, and we won’t forget those who have done this to you and your family.

    Keep doing good and stay strong – better days are coming.

  27. Ellen Powell says:

    Happy Birthday Ed! Hope to see you soon to see you skip and stump your toe 😉 Missing you and thinking about you often! Love ‘Moomin’ xx

  28. kim chisman says:

    happy birthday Ed thinking of you and missing you. steve and kim x

  29. Hels says:

    Happy Birthday Ed! x

  30. Lonnie Ditcher says:

    Happy Birthday mate and come home soon, we are all rooting for you, we will not forget this, we will remember at the ballot box.

    • Julie Denyer says:

      Wishing you a very Happy Birthday you wonderful young man. I know it will be a bit different this year but I’m sure we can make up for it when you come home !!!!! We are all thinking of you and so very proud of the way you are dealing with all of this. Lots of Love and hugs XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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