Ed’s family and friends march for the alternative

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 Images are the copyright of Sarah Evans and the use of any image should be sought by contacting Support4EdWoollard.

Family and friends of Ed Woollard joined the TUC’s march for the alternative in London on March 26, 2011.

Travelling to the demonstration from Hampshire, Ed’s family and friends joined the Andover TUC delegation coaches, arriving in London about 10.30am, where they attempted to cross Waterloo Bridge and join the march.

Due to the massive turnout of people of all ages and from all walks of life, the embankment became full and the delegation was directed eastwards, in the wrong direction, along The Strand and Fleet Street and they finally joined the march near Blackfriars Bridge.

Five hours later the delegation arrived at the start of the demonstration, on the embankment, by Westminster clock tower and met up with Ed’s grandparents who had been trying to catch up with the main delegation all day!

Tired and weary everyone got home about 10pm after a magnificent day that everyone was proud to be part of.

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1 Response to Ed’s family and friends march for the alternative

  1. Petey Heslop says:

    These photos are excellent! Really enjoyed the Old Gentlemans sign!

    Much love x

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