Website launched to support Ed Woollard

media release

Edward Woollard’s family and friends have today launched a website, Support 4 Ed Woollard after receiving an “overwhelming” number of messages of support for the 18-year-old student serving a “disproportionate” 32-month sentence for violent disorder.

“We hope that by setting up this website we can keep everyone up-to-date with how Ed is doing, provide a space for people to leave a message of support and a way of contacting him,” said Tania Garwood, Edward’s mum.

Friends of Edward, Chris Rawlinson and Lee Chisman organised the first Facebook event to support him, attracting hundreds of supporting signatures, and a separate Facebook group Edward Woollard’s continued education, aimed at helping Ed to continue his studies in prison has been set up by someone who did not know the family.

The new website Support4EdWoollard will link to these and enable people not on Facebook to contact Edward too, and to add their name to the i petition.

Tania added: “The letters of support for Edward and offers of help to ensure that his education can continue through his sentence have been overwhelming and are really helping to keep Edward’s, and our spirits up.

“I would like to take this opportunity, on Edward’s behalf, to thank the very many people who have offered support and offers of help.

“Edward has always said that what he did was a dangerous and awful thing, and he massively regrets what was a split-second moment of madness, and we are all thankful that no-one was hurt.

“His actions were completely out of character and he has always been regarded as a hard-working and kind lad, and someone who looks out for other people.”

Chris Rawlinson, Edward’s friend and campaigner  said: “We know that Edward is not the only young person to be given an unduly long sentence following an incident during a protest, and by building a support network for Edward we hope to be able to offer support for others too.”


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3 Responses to Website launched to support Ed Woollard

  1. Brian B. Warren says:

    I was lucky to have my university fees paid for under the older system. I couldn’t have afforded to pay for my quite long, professional course otherwise. By not having this burden I was able to start much earlier paying for a house, add to my pension contributions, buy a second hand car etc. Students will have to put off all of these until very much later, because of repaying all the mountain of debt. This could really harm the country later on, because there won’t be sufficient pension contributions in the ‘kitty’.
    And all of this could have serious consequences too in terms of discouraging the young to go and study at university – why bother to get involved in such a potential mountain of debt?
    The country could well lose out in terms of well educated future citizens to build up the future prosperity.

  2. Desiree says:

    If you take into account that a guy got a twohundred quid fine for throwing a brick into someones face and breaking her skull, can someone tell me how Ed’s sentence is fair and unbiased.

  3. andovertuc says:

    Good luck to Ed, his family and friends – many people are thinking of you.
    The sentence you received was out of all proportion

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