Support 4 Ed Woollard

Edward Woollard on his 18th birthday

Edward Woollard on his 18th birthday

Edward Woollard’s parents, Tania Garwood and Mick Garwood would like to send a huge message of thanks to everyone for their messages of support.

“The letters of support for Edward and offers of help to ensure that his education can continue through his sentence have been overwhelming: those words of support are really helping to keep Edward’s spirits up, and I would like to take this opportunity, on Edward’s behalf, to thank the very many people who have sent messages of support,” said Tania Garwood, Edward’s mum.

“We hope that by setting up this website we can keep everyone up-to-date with how Ed is doing and provide a point of contact for anyone who would like to offer their support and an area on the messages of support page, for people to leave a message. Those messages have been an enormous boost to Ed, and to us.

“Edward has always said that what he did was a dangerous and awful thing, and he massively regrets what was a split-second moment of madness: we are all thankful that no-one was hurt.

Edward with his family

“What is clear is that Edward has never done anything like this before and he has always been regarded as a hard-working and kind lad, and someone who looks out for other people.” Tania said.

Friends of Edward have been building a Facebook campaign to support Edward, and the Facebook event: Against the Draconian Sentencing of Edward Woollard has already attracted several hundred supporting signatures. There is also a Facebook group Edward Woollard’s continued education, and it is those groups which have provided the catalyst to set up this website, to enable people not on Facebook to contact Edward too.

“We know that Edward is not the only young person to be given an unduly long sentence following an incident during a protest, and by building a support network for Edward we hope to be able to offer support for others too,” said Chris Rawlinson, Edward’s friend and local campaigner.

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4 Responses to Support 4 Ed Woollard

  1. Derek Lee says:

    I think the sentence passed on Edward was vindictive, destructive, reckless and lacked any concept of justice or fairness.

    I believe the only reasonable sentence would have been a suspended sentence and consequently one that would have allowed Edward to complete his A-levels and hopefully then have been able go to university.

    This sentence is also unfair on Edward’s family, who have supported him throughout this difficult period, and the judge should be ashamed of himself.

    What is unfair and unjust for Edward and his family is also unfair and unjust for society as a whole. We should have access to justice without it being influenced by wealth and politics. As things stand we do not.

    The ordinary (and extraordinary) people of this country have found themselves the victims of a repressive judicial system in the past, and clearly, even today.

    Insofar as Edward was taking part in a campaign to counter the regressive policies introduced by a coalition without any mandate, I hope he can take some encouragement from the courageous victims from the past.

    I hope Edward might soon be released from his imprisonment but in the meantime I hop he will be able to study and develop in whatever area he is interested in.

    I and many others wish him well.

    • Steve West says:

      I agree with everything Derek says. Ed knows he did something very stupid and if somebody had been hurt, yes , it would be a different story. However, this one event shows how far the “establishment” (Police, Courts and Government) are away from the common sense views of the general public who see injustice and corruption every day amongst those who are supposed to our “leaders”. Good luck Ed.

  2. Dave Clinch says:

    Edward’s imprisonment was shocking.

    Sure the fire extinguisher should not have been thrown, and, as I understand it Edward apologised for his actions. However, nobody was hurt. Edward took responsibility for his actions, something we as teachers and parents encourage our children to do. He was made to pay a terrible price.

    People need to be aware of the contrast of Edward’s conviction with police behaviour where there has been no conviction for example for the killing of Ian Tomlinson, something that was seen on video. Christopher Alder is one of the shocking number of deaths in police custody. From 193 t0 2010 there were 749 deaths in police custody throughout the UK. There has never been a conviction of any police officer. I find that shocking and extremely disturbing.

    I am a parent, a teacher and a musician. I will be glad to contribute to any benefit/event that is arranged in support of Edward. I live in North Devon, I am proud of the students and their courage in taking on this government, including Edward. They have inspired many workers. Clearly the State has used him as a scapegoat in handing down such a brutal sentence to a teenager when we all know that the proverbial ‘smack on the wrist’ would have been sufficient.

    Keep strong Edward.

    My details are on my website

  3. loulindy says:

    Great website! Thanks to Sarah for setting up this website. Lyn

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